TNT Services

TNT Services’ History

TNT Services

, which was formerly known as TNT Power Wash, has emerged from its early beginnings more than 25 years ago into the Midwest’s premier commercial property and fleet power washing company. Notwithstanding, power washing is only one aspect of their business endeavors, given that TNT also supplies semi-truck body shop services, semi-truck detailing, in addition to a drive-thru truck wash bay in Columbus, Ohio.

TNT Services has three regional offices established in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and in Columbus, while there’s continual growth of the already sizable team of associates. While their territory and service offerings continually expand, their quality and personalized service remain very much in place.

The TNT Services Team

The foundation of the company’s success has been generated from the dedication, superior workmanship, and integrity of the staff. The team has helped TNT Services to grow to become among the largest power washing companies for fleet and commercial vehicles in the Midwest.

TNT Services are not only a power washing company, and the team has evolved into becoming a specialist together with their complete body and detail shop in addition to the drive-thru truck wash in every location.

With the TNT Services’ commitment to making sure that they continually provide the optimal service and product quality, the team is now recognized as leaders in these industries.

How TNT Services Do What They Do

With locations in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and in Columbus, in addition to their abundant fleet of power washing equipment, the company indisputably has everything required to complete your job, which can be undertaken either at your site or at one of theirs.

Marketing and regional sales teams work very closely with every customer so that they fully understand the client’s requirements. Along with the state-of-the-art equipment and the team’s hands-on experience, the project team always has the appropriate equipment on each project as it is necessitated.

The company operates no less than 20 custom built power washing trucks while they continually add more units on a monthly basis. The trucks have a capacity for carrying as much as 1,300 gallons of water – reverse osmosis water – to every job. You save money here since there’s no requirement to use your water for the work. Quite unlike their competitors, TNT Services’ trucks offer their customers’ a more thorough clean because their trucks can generate a supply of hot water.

There is perhaps one reason above all else that TNT invests as much time, money, and effort as it does on their custom-built power washing trucks, and that is because they have the ability to rely on their own reverse osmosis water. This reverse osmosis water is purified using one of four different reverse osmosis machines that the company owns.

What is reverse osmosis? It’s a process of filtration that removes contaminants, impurities, and pollutants from the water. Therefore, through this process, there’s no spotting when it is used for cleaning vehicles or property. The reclamation of water electronically ensures that EPA guidelines are fulfilled whereby the wastewater does not enter into the water system or the sewers.

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